Sunday, 18 February 2018

Those Pesky Indians are at it Again

If you have AMG then you are aware that John H. took some great photographs of some of the Indians in the collection.
The sudden impulse to show photographs of the Indians will become clearer over the days to come.
Anyway, a hunting party came out yesterday and captured an unsuspecting lady in red.
Further inspiration was gleaned from the wonderful book  ' The Art of Robert Griffing', His Journey into the Eastern Frontier.

Friday, 16 February 2018

Cuirassier Officer in 22mm

Made the framework for the Cuirassier officer yesterday, and Milliputed today. Part of the delay was where to place his sword so that it would cast. I eventually found an acceptable solution. Remember at this size I am making them as generic as possible, so if you think that is more one nation than another, you may well be right. Paint I am sure will hide most obvious errors.
Overall I am quite happy with the outcome. So that is trooper and officer finished, next up a trumpeter.

Monday, 12 February 2018

French Cavalry

These lads and their compatriots ( and there are many) very rarely come out of the cabinets. They were painted by top brush man David Jarvis specifically for the book. They are some of the very best painted 30mm cavalry I have ever seen.
It is about time that this part of the collection was finished and following a conversation with DJ we have agreed that the 1750's French infantry will be added to the painted slots from July this year. Besides French there will be Swiss and Bavarian, I have the castings, so why not. There are also further cavalry castings, new figures made early 2017.
The third, fourth and fifth photographs are close ups. How many painted 30mm figures could be scrutinised so close-up. Just shows the talent of DJ. 


Sunday, 11 February 2018

For The Doubters

Given recent events I have had to make certain decisions, it is never easy, however the 22'ers had to be side-lined.
I have read and been told that some in the hobby thought that was the end of the 22'ers, and they still might be right. I would however like to finish the range as they are such charming little figures, far better than my 30's and a lot easier to paint. The journey will be longer than I intended last December, but I would like very much to have a range of figures I made, available to those in the future who want to collect SYW figures in a smaller scale. 
So what better way to turn my attention from the 30's back to the 22'ers but to paint a figure this morning. On seeing the photographs I realise I missed bits but.....This Hessen-Darmstadt grenadier from the regiment Prinz George, probably one of the best known of the troops in the Empire Army.
Sorry not great photos.

Saturday, 10 February 2018

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

' Am I not the Best Vignette of them All'

' No but you will do'

Managed to locate a far clearer picture of the Zorndorf artwork. The officer holding the reins of the horse is definitely not from IR46. The red cuffs and the silver lace being the giveaway. I think the uniform is that of IR15, Batallon-Garde. To make the vignette more versatile I opted for the horse furniture more suited to the officer (ADC) on the base.
The figure and horse were a joy to paint. I only have a small number of paints but thanks to David Jarvis for sending me a few colours, I seem to have enough these days for my needs. Most colours are quickly mixed and applied, easy for these one-off vignettes. The horse I kept a simple white, and the result seems to have worked OK. If you know my work I never add lace or buttons to figures I make, these are simply painted by brush, again it seems to work for me.
I think a vignette like the one in the photograph just shows the beauty of SYW uniforms, plus I think the piece is inspirational...well it is to me.
Anyway, that completes another figure for Zorndorf, so what's next! As I said in a previous post I have a few exciting days ahead next week. I have been toying with starting the cuirassiers for the 22'ers, but we will see how the week goes. I did start a Cossack late last year in 22mm, just before the world went upside-down.

Friday, 9 February 2018

A little bit of Paint and a bit More

Undercoated the vignette and after drying, I spent a further 15 minutes splashing a bit of colour onto this lovely piece.
The horse in the artwork obviously belongs to Frederick, you can observe the crimson/red horse furniture. And I have taken the Menzel plate that shows it in detail and Milliputed accordingly. However, I have no plans to make another Frederick for the collection so I might just have the horse belonging to the officer holding the reins. We will see tomorrow when the brushes come out again.
Readers may recollect that I took 2-300 photographs of the Mollwitz game I fought 12 months ago. The plan was to have John H. (The AMG book man) wave his magic wand over them and turn them into printable photographs. As with all good plans, real life issues got in the way and the project drifted to the bottom of the pile. Anyway, just had a phone call to say he has done a few photographs and before he progresses could I have a look at them. So on Monday he will pop round to show me.....this is great news. I certainly need a new focus at the moment.....But I am not going to let myself get carried away with the prospect of 'Mollwitz'.
Also, I have another exciting hobby post for sometime next week, well exciting for me.